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The Convergence of Water, Politics, and Law

The Convergence of Water, Politics, and Law

H2O Radio reports on topics such as water rights, water law, transmountain diversions, and legislation.

Pipe Dream: One Couple’s Ideal Job of Moving Water Under Mountains

A lot of water is moved from the western part of Colorado to the east where much of the state's population lives. Those diversions involve a complex system of pipes, reservoirs, pumps, and canals to keep the whole operation flowing. Setting aside the heated politics of moving resources from one basin to another, the conveyance of water under the Continental Divide is an engineering triumph, and in one case, for a couple living isolated in a high mountain valley, it's a "pipe dream" come true. Get the Full Story>>

South Platte Stories: Hell and High Water

Many people in Colorado are facing a problem you’d never expect to find in the arid West: too much water. In places along the South Platte River, which flows from the Rockies through Denver to the northeast, basements are flooding, sewage systems are being damaged, and rising water is leaving salt in farmers’ fields, robbing them of productivity. The situation is vexing and has been the subject of numerous meetings of state officials, farmers, and water experts. But no lasting solution has been found. The real question is whether the state’s water law that goes back to the Gold Rush era is flexible enough to deal with the issue.
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Drilling Apart Democracy—Fracking, Politics, and the EPA

In December 2016 the EPA concluded that fracking does pose a risk to drinking water. That’s a stark reversal from a conclusion reached during the Bush administration, which gave the oil and gas industry exemptions to the Safe Drinking Water Act. Science has been whipsawed by politics, and now with the new Trump administration, there may be another sharp swing to the right—threatening many protections to air and water. Is there any line of defense left between us and environmental catastrophe? Get the Full Story>>

South Platte Stories: How a Flood Changed the Course of a River—
for the Better

The South Platte River starts high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and flows through the heart of Denver on its way to the Great Plains. The waterway went from being a polluted, noxious cesspool to some of the most sought-after real estate in the city. For decades, the river was so ignored that many didn’t know—or even care—that the South Platte ran right through downtown. All it took was a flood of biblical proportions to get their attention. Get the Full Story>>

Little Ditch. Big Deal. A Couple Living Off the Grid Challenged
Colorado Water Law—and Won.

Living off the grid in Colorado's vast San Luis Valley, Chuck and Barbara Tidd needed to find a source of energy to supplement their solar panels. Their solution, to use a creek on their property to generate power, led to a legal battle that went all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court—where they won. That decision worries some who say their new right could upend water law that goes back 150 years. Get the Full Story>>

How Will Climate Change Affect Colorado's Future?

Water experts from across the Front Range gathered in Boulder County Watershed Summit 2015 to discuss a variety of issues, including water storage; water conservation; the State Water Plan; droughts, floods, and climate change; watershed planning; in-stream flows; sustainability; and local agriculture. H2O Radio's Jamie Sudler talked with Denver Water's Climate Scientist Laurna Kaatz and Colorado state climatologist Nolan Doesken to hear their views on how Colorado might look 40 years from now. The news was sobering.

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