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How Inmates Are Saving an Iconic American Landscape—and Themselves

Forest fires have made headlines as the climate warms, but less attention is paid to the growing number of blazes burning across sagebrush territory. Some of these vital landscapes might never recover but for the help they’re receiving from an unexpected source—incarcerated men and women who are seeing a much brighter future thanks to the underappreciated shrubs. Listen now >

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow—What Happens to Waste Collected from Beauty Salons?

One of latest trends in the beauty industry is to keep the large volume of waste that salons generate out of landfills. Looking good now means being sustainable. A handful of companies are handling the hard-to-recycle beauty items, but once it leaves salons it seems to disappear into a black hole—or rather a green hole—destination unknown. Should we care? Listen now >

Taking the Waste Out of Wastewater—How What We Flush Can Be Repurposed, Recycled, and Reused

We gladly recycle our aluminum and paper with the expectation it gets repurposed into something new. But the idea that our human waste that we flush down the toilet would get reused somehow might make us wrinkle our noses. Not so for the city of Boulder’s wastewater treatment folks who see sewage as a valuable resource. Listen now >


Newscast for
September 18, 2022

“Instead of ‘going public,’ you could say we’re ‘going purpose.’”

Using fish bones and shells as “fingerprints” to stop illegal and unsustainable fishing.

Blue diets—those based on seafood—have more nutrients than beef, pork, or chicken and generate fewer greenhouse gases than livestock.

Ocean forests are larger than the Amazon and more productive.

A prototype car developed in the Netherlands sucks—carbon dioxide that is.

Solitary basking sharks find romance in the ocean’s vast expanse through “speed-dating.”

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